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Vacuum Head Features

Every aspect of our vacuum has been engineered for durability, function, and efficiency. Our manufacturing process for the vacuum case ensures that our case is so durable that we can offer an unheard of 10 year warranty on the case. Our Vacuum Body is designed in a manner that eliminates the problem of getting stuck to the bottom of the pool, an improperly shaped vacuum will create excessive suction against the floor of the pool which wastes energy and reduces water flow. Compared to our competitors we narrowed our vacuum case front to back, this provides a much more powerful suction and also makes the vacuum much more energy efficient as you don’t have any wasted suction to the bottom of the pool. Our vacuums feature a 24" vacuum head, a 30lb thrust motor, and stainless hardware and axles.

10 Year Warranty

Our plastic vacuum case features a 10 year warranty! No other company comes close to meeting the durability of our vacuum case!

Debris Guard

Our Patent Pending Debris Guard prevents any hair or leaves from wrapping onto the motor shaft. This will prevent any damage to your motor seals!

Locking Bag Ring

Our locking bag ring ensures that you will never blow off another bag again. No more cumbersome drawstrings. Our system allows for super fast attachment and removal. Available in 75, 100, and 400 Microns.

Ceramic Wheel Bearings

We are the only battery powered vacuum on the market that uses full ceramic wheel bearings. These ceramic bearings will provide years of trouble free use without the wear experienced from traditional bushings.

Transport Rack Features

Our transport is included with every Riptide SL. It is fully automatic, simply hook the bottom of the cart into the rack and push up! To release just pull the orange handle located on the side of the rack. There is no easier to use system on the market! Our Transport rack is fully height adjustable to fit your truck or trailer and will work with any 2” receiver. You can also lock your Riptide to the rack to protect it from theft. Also included is an anti-wobble plate, this plate mounts between your hitch and the transport rack preventing any side to side movement.

Riptide Cart Features

Our cart is packed with tons of innovative features and storage options. Our carts are fully powder coated aluminum and feature full TIG welding across every joint, and all stainless hardware. Our carts include a fully adjustable handlebar, a fully adjustable battery compartment, two storage bins, a robust power switch, and a port for your vacuum heads power cable.

Battery Compartment

Our Battery Compartment is fully adjustable allowing you to run a lightweight 35AH Deep Cycle Battery all the way up to a Group 29 Deep Cycle Battery. Our spring rod allows you to quickly and easily remove the battery.

Control Panel

Our control panel features a robust power switch and a connector to plug and unplug your vacuum head. This feature allows you to take the twist out of the cable, preventing any damage, and also allows you to easily wrap up your cable.

Two Storage Bins

Our cart features two storage bins. One in the back for your chemicals and one underneath the vacuum head for test kits, tools, and other miscellaneous items.

Solid Smooth Tread Tire

Our tires are solid tires with smooth treads. This allows you to easily wipe clean any mud or dirt of your tire, so you aren't tracking any on the deck.

Solid Bumpers

These bumpers, located in the front of the cart, are designed to protect the deck and walls. We made them round so that when they wear you can just loosen the bolt and turn them!

Optional Battery Box

Our optional battery box allows you to leave the cart on the back of your truck and carry the vacuum head and cable directly to the pool. This is perfect for homes that have really hard to access pools.

Vacuum Keepers

These orange polyurethane keepers secure the vacuum head to the cart without the need for bungie cords or straps. Simply push the vacuum head on and then wrap the cord on the handlebars around the vacuum head and your vacuum will be secured.

Durable Construction

Our carts are constructed from heavy duty CNC bent aluminum. All of our carts are fully TIG welded with no bypass welding. We feature solid aluminum bars in the front of the cart, where it rides in the transport mount to increase durability.