Battery Information

We recommend the following batteries. Please note you do not have to use a Duracell brand battery, they are just listed for reference. Any Deep Cycle 35 Amp Hour, 55 Amp Hour, or Group 27 Battery will work. The Riptide XP and our Battery Box are only compatible with a 35 Amp Hour Deep Cycle Battery.

Deep Cycle Battery 35AH
Battery Weight: 25 lbs

Deep Cycle Battery 55 Amp Hour
Battery Weight: 42 lbs

Deep Cycle Battery Group 27
Battery Weight: 53 lbs

These batteries are also available at Wal-Mart, Costco, Auto-Parts Stores, Batteries Plus and Amazon.

For a Battery Charger we recommend:
12 Volt Battery Charger

Please note any 12 Volt Automatic charger will work with your battery. It is important to not select a trickle charger, as these are meant for maintaining batteries and will not charge the battery overnight. Automatic battery chargers are available at Batteries Plus, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Costco, Auto-Parts Stores, and other retailers.